Auteur : Linus Hoffmann

Logic of Norms : Von Wright and deontic logic (Part 1)

Part I: Von Wright on the possibility of a logic of norms   This two-part series discusses the philosophical roots of modern legal systems, focusing on the problematic relationship between logic and law, in particular in the uses of deontic logic for legal technologies. In this first part, Linus Hoffmann discusses the issues raised by the concept…
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2 avril 2018 0

Questioning the meaning of environmental protection

  Reflections on the Project of a Global Pact for the Environment   On  June 24, 2017, a few months after the adoption of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, an initiative entitled « Project for a Global Pact for the Environment » was presented at the Sorbonne University, chaired by the president of the French Constitutional…
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3 novembre 2017 0